Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Karaoglou will organize your accounting department, emphasizing on the details that make the difference. With thorough knowledge of all accounting affairs and consistency, it implements modern accounting practices for the financial statements and balance sheets of your company. At the same time, Karaoglou is your greatest ally in the training and support of your accounting department employees. With a highly qualified team, Karaoglou fully undertakes the outsourcing of all accounting services of a company.


i) Accounting supervision and organization of any kind of business
ii) Periodic financial results, custom-made Reporting and Budgeting Services
iii) e-books Services and Support (My Data)
iv) Production Costing Services
v) Financial statements, in accordance with GAAP and IFRS
vi) Conduct any kind of business with State Offices and Bodies
vii) Establish and organize new businesses through the One Stop Shop office, and providing guidance to employees
viii) Transition services to new ERP programs
ix) Internal business auditing
x) Financial consulting services


i) Full implementation of P.D. 146/2003: update and control of General and Analytical Accounting
ii) Full configuration of Accounting software
iii) Preparation of Annual Financial Statements according to International Standards
iv) Preparation of Opening and Closing Balance Sheet
v) Full implementation of P.D. 205/1998 and Chamber Legislation, as in force
vi) Preparation of monthly and annual financial reports
vii) Preparation of contracts, drawing up of payroll statements, insurance fund statements and sending files to the Single Payment Authority (SPA)
viii) Monitoring of the Register of Commitments and preparation of Budgets
ix) Continuous Update and Training of executive and administrative personnel

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