Tax related Issues

Tax related Issues

Constant changes in tax legislation create a complex everyday life for businesses and natural persons. With a meticulous analysis of tax provisions, domestic and international, daily monitoring of laws, interpretive circulars, court decisions and European directives, and applying innovative preventive control methods, Karaoglou treats all tax affairs responsibly, without traces and pending issues. The harmonization of a company with the tax legislation becomes a reality with responsibility, reliability, confidentiality and flexibility, simplifying daily translations and minimizing risks for penalties during possible audits. At Karaoglou you will find the most comprehensive support services in Greece, in case of audit from the competent authorities.


i) Performing audits and tax refund procedures on behalf of legal entities
ii) Tax Consultation
iii) International Taxation
iv) Business transformations (mergers, splits, conversions and acquisitions)
v) Cross-border mergers
vi) Intragroup transactions (Transfer pricing)
vii) Suspension - Liquidation of companies


i) Audits of natural entities
ii) Preparation, Drafting and Submission of Personal Income Tax Returns
iii) Preparation and drawing up of capital consumption form
iv) Preparation and submission of the Asset Declaration
v) Capital taxation services (preparation of tax statements for inheritance/donation, valuation of shares, etc.)
vi) Management and resolving of cases related to foreign tax residents

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