Wednesday 18 May 2022
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Βαγγέλης Καράογλου Αγγελική Καράογλου Ορέστης Αράπογλου


B. KARAOGLOU S.A. is a company whose general scope of activity involves tax and accounting business organization as well as handling all manner of tax, accounting, organizational, labour and administrative problems faced by businesses.

Furthermore B.KARAOGLOU SA offers accounting and tax services in the Government Sector, such as Public Health Units and others Public Organizations.

It organizes and audits accounts offices and Public Organizations and manages corporate financial services with complete trust and confidentiality.

The accounts office, financial services and management of a modern business or organization are required to solve a large number of issues together or individually and require prompt, proper, tried and tested solutions.

That is why B. KARAOGLOU S.A. has created specialized departments so as to be able to monitor all issues normally of concern to businesses and any economic unit in general in a full and proper manner.

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